Martes el trece #1

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1.¿Adónde fue él cuando se rompió el brazo?

He went to the hospital when he broke his arm.

Él fue al hospital cuando se rompió el brazo.

2.¿Por qué llegó tarde él a la escuela?

He arrived late because he missed (perder) the bus.

Él lluegó tarde porque él perdió el autobús.

3.¿Por qué pensó él que el miércoles sea(would be) mejor día?

Because his friend gave him good news about his wallet.

Porque su amigo le dio bueno noticias sobre su cartera.

4.¿Por qué recibió una detención en la clase de ciencias?

He received a detention because he talked too much(demasiado) in science class.

Él recibió un detencíon porque él habló demasiado en la clase de ciencias.

5.¿Qué comió él para el almuerzo?

He didn’t eat nothing for lunch.

Él no comió nada para almuerzo.

Daily Routine

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Primero, yo me despierto a las seis y quince de la mañana. Entonces, yo me levanto a las seis y treinta de la mañana. Entonces, yo me visto y pongo el desodorante. Entonces, yo me arreglo el pelo. Luego, yo me maquillo. Finalmente, yo voy a la escuela a las siete y veinte de la mañana.

First Week as a Junior

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Well, my adventure as a junior began at the beginning of August when summer band started, so I was well prepared for my actual first week at school… just kidding. I was completely overwhelmed. I am taking all advance classes on top of my first college class, so when the bell rang after band I about died. I have to admit I freaked out at first, but now it’s pep rally day and I venture to all my classes knowing I’ll be alright. I’m happy with the people in my classes and although I have none with my best friends, I think I’ll manage. Honestly, just from this first week of school, I have a feeling that by the time I get done typing this post, my junior year will have flown by with amazing results and I’ll be starting my last year at White Oak High School.

Why do Schools Use Dissections?

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I think school use dissections because it teaches student, and possibly teachers about the internal and external structures of an animal. When the students dissect animals some possibly think it’s gross, but others think it’s an opportunity to study an animal’s body. Some students plan on going to collage to major in studying the structures of animals, so when they dissect animals it gives them a chance to get a head start on their future career.

Destinee & Allison’s Taste Test!

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For our semester project, me and Allison Goll decided to test the old myth that food taste better blind folded. In this experiment I learned that out of the food most people hate, a few of those people will turn out liking those foods when they are blind folded. The part that I liked the most was being able to watch the people’s reactions when they ate the food. Most of our testers reacted well to the food, but a few did not like what they were eating. I wish I knew more about how our taste buds work and how they can not like a certain food for one second, and the next second end up liking it. Our testers included: Cayman Sutton, Cade Palmer, Dax Davis, Hayley Barlow, and Michael Maly. The foods that they tasted included: green onions, tomatoes, skittles, olives, and dark chocolate. Here are some pictures from our experiment. Hope you enjoy!

Mount Kosciusko

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Mount Kosciusko (kos-kee-oos-koh) is the highest mountain in Australia.  This mountain is located in the Snowy Mountains in Australia and is about 2,228 meters high. The sedimentary rocks of the Australian Alpine were deposited about 800 million years ago when the area was under water. About 200 million years later, these sediments were intruded by granites which today stand up as large boulders where the surrounding sedimentary rocks have been eroded away. My conclusion is that in a million years the mountain will no longer stand up as high as it does now, I predict it will continue to erode as the years go by .

My Theory: How the Earth was Created

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My theory on how the Earth was created is probably like most others, but it’s what I believe and I’m not going to change it. God took six days to create the Earth and one day to rest from all his hard work. All the scientist out there who believe that the Earth was just part of a major explosion, I respect your opinion, but really? The Earth could not have possibly just exploded into a vast universe, I believe it must have took longer. So therefore since in the Bible it says that God took seven days to complete the Earth; that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

1st Day: God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. During this day he also made the opposite of lightness; darkness.

2nd Day: God made vast oceans to cover the Earth.

3rd Day: God made stretched out plains of lands to help cover the Earth.

4th Day: God made the stars and the moon, they were to, ” Serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years.” Sun marked the day, moon the month, and the stars the seasons.

5th Day: Great numbers of birds and sea creatures. God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the water in the seas, and let the birds increase on the Earth.

6th Day: God made vast numbers of land animals, and man. From the man; woman.

7th Day: ” The Sabbath Day” Since God had finished all his work, he took a day to rest.


Source: The Bible!